Goji Berry Green Tea


Tea of the Day: Goji Berry Green Tea by Stash Tea

Description: Goji berries, native to China and Tibet, bring a slight tartness and bright citrus notes to this refreshing green tea with matcha.

Smells sweet, citrusy and sharp, with a bite like there is ginger in the tea. Same when steeped

Liquor is a light greenish-pink in the cup

Light sweet flavor,lightly citrus

Adding sugar makes the tea a bit more tart and robust

Tea Rating: 3/5

Today’s musing is based off of a line from a song that echos in my mind

The song is Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

The phrase: “the sweeping insensitivity of this still life”

This phrase catches me pretty much every time I listen to the song, making me wonder what it means

My first reaction is: how can a still life be sweepingly insensitive? Since when does stillness care one way or the other about anything? Also, to me, stillness is restful.

So then I jump to still life, the painting term, which also doesn’t make a lot of sense to be insensitive, although at this point I get an image of a painting of an angry man sweeping a bowl full of fruit off of a table with his arm

This brings me back to an emotional response to that phrase..

…sometimes stillness is not a good thing

The biggest example that comes to mind is when there is a change in your family structure that leaves a quietness in the house that was not there before

Someone dies, someone moves away, someone leaves for another reason, and what’s left behind is stillness

In cases is like that I can absolutely see why this still life would be sweepingly insensitive, because the very fact that it is silent is a screaming reminder of what you have lost

This changes the whole tenor of the song for me

From other lines of the song, the impression I got was more one of anger or frustration at someone because of the end of a relationship of some kind

But, breaking down this one phrase like that, the rest of the song is suddenly sadder than it was before

I love lyrical content such as this; the more you think about it, the more complex it gets, meaning you can listen to the same song a hundred times and still get something out of it

Some people may say music is not meant to make you think but I think that all art is meant to move you, to challenge you, to challenge the world, and music is no exception


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