Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice


Tea of the Day: Orange Chocolate sweet spice by Teavana

Description: Decadent rich chocolate marries elegant Italian style orange marmalade to evoke the flavor of chocolate covered orange slices. Sweet chili threads unite this dynamic cup by adding a whisper of heat and spice to the infusion.

Smells just like those whack-on-the-counter chocolate oranges with a kick of cinnamon. You can clearly distinguish the orange peel, chocolate and cinnamon pieces.

Smell is the same when steeped, with the cinnamon being perhaps a touch stronger than with the dry leaves

Liquor is chestnut brown in the cup

Without sugar, the tea has a very strong orange flavor, followed by chocolate and cinnamon together. This tea doesn’t have a lot of expansion, so a tea ball would work fine

Adding sugar intensifies all of the flavors

Tea Rating: 4/5

A friend of mine said, talking about her first experience with inebriation, that getting drunk “is like a slow descent into madness”

This little phrase sticks in my head, because it’s true, but not just for drunkenness.

The world is full of things that matter, that shake us to the core, and to one not experiencing that exact thing at the exact time that we are, we look mad

Take, for example, when a hobby you have becomes a passion. Everything in the world suddenly relates to it, and you talk in terms of that particular thing all the time, the very way you think about life is changed.

I experienced this myself at the point where I went from liking tea to becoming tea-obsessed. I promise you, there is a tea for everyone and every single ailment/occasion…and I realize that not everyone will agree. I find this sad, and try to influence the people around me to drink more tea. I’m also aware that occasionally I look a bit…strange. I don’t really care, but I am aware of it. Surely this is a form of madness

This doesn’t just happen with hobbies, it can also happen when a person becomes enamored with a sports team, or particular player, or an actor, or a book series,t.v. show, etc…the list goes on. To be a fanatic about something is an socially acceptable thing…but we have to admit that when we run into someone that is all about something that we are not, our response is something like “OK crazy…”

And, of course, the biggest example of a slow descent into madness that we all seem to accept is falling in love.

From a purely thoughtful standpoint, long-term romantic relationships do make a certain amount of sense: there’s the financial stability of having two incomes for one household (particularly before marriage happens), the emotional/physical support for traumatic life events, and so on and so forth…but people (in general) are notoriously fickle. We evolved to do better in motion, with change, so boredom is actually a significant problem to which the solution is all too often to change who we keep company with rather than the environment that we’re in.

Even knowing this, to love and be loved in return is our highest ideal. We all search for this thing, consciously or unconsciously, even knowing the folly of trusting someone so completely. We even give advice to each other and to ourselves which basically amounts to “keep trying, eventually you’ll get it right”. Remember, the basic definition of insanity is “trying the same thing over and over again but expecting to get different results”.

But, having made the point that we’re all crazy in some way, I’d like to end my thoughts on this note: we may be all descending into madness at varying speeds, but if we aren’t passionate/crazy/mad about someone or something are we really living or are we just surviving?


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