Angel’s Dream


Tea of the Day: Angel’s Dream by The Whistling Kettle

Description: Heavenly maple sweetness with a blackberry pungency for a flavorful black tea

Smells like a maple berry tart. Tea has bits of blue petal in it

Liquor is a clear red-brown in the cup

The blackberry smell is stronger when steeped.

Tart berry, followed by mapley aftertaste that lingers in the mouth

Adding sugar brings out the maple flavor, and adding a little milk makes it dreamy

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today’s musings came about because I saw a shooting star and felt that little thrill of the unknown that happens every time

And I got to wondering: how many people saw that sight and felt the wonder I did?

How many times across history have people seen comets shoot across the sky and stopped in awe

I bet my ancestors did

And here I paused, just thinking about the connectedness of everyone and everything, which happens a lot

All things are connected. In our heart of hearts, we all know this

There is one thing, though, that is hard to grasp; that in the infinity of the universe, time really has no meaning

I myself have come to believe that though this body has only one lifetime, the soul that sparks these thoughts has many. Many lives, many lessons to learn

It explains being drawn to particular people or places; those feelings of déjà vu

To me, it also makes life that much more full of hope and romanticism, because one day you’re going to meet that person that fits the spaces in your heart (and life), because at one point you were one and the same, then split apart and tossed asunder to find each other again

History repeats itself, but not exactly.

Time isn’t a loop, but a spiral, stacked on top of itself so that events can happen again with different people

In one lifetime, maybe you meet your soul-mate but war keeps you apart, so in the next you’re driven to be a combat medic so you don’t have to stay behind

Or maybe at one point you met your soul-mate but you were already married so that’s why in this life you keep shying away from that level of commitment; for some reason is just hasn’t felt right

I realize that I’m focused on individual stories, on just one aspect of life: Love.

This is intentional though; at the core of my being I have always believed that Love truly is what makes the world go ’round and that at the center of each and every person is the simple desire to love and be loved, to know that their life matters to someone. Even the pursuit of power and wealth is a reflection of that: if I am powerful, many people love me and I will not pass through life unnoticed. 

It’s a big world, and a vast universe; why would anyone want to go into the great unknown alone?

And, a song that is very fitting for the topic:


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