Breakfast in Paris


Tea of the Day: Breakfast in Paris by Stash Tea

Description: Bring a touch of Paris to your morning with our Parisian-inspired blend. Aromatic and floral, lavender is the perfect complement to the citrus bergamont oil and full-flavored black tea

Very fragrant smell, citrus and floral brightly blended together

Liquor is a dark mahogany brown in the cup

Without sugar, lightly floral, but very robust

smells and tastes a bit like bread dough; almost yeasty

Adding sugar highlights the citrus notes

Tea Rating: 3/5

Today, because I feel like I got run over by a truck (yay, springtime sick! ) I’m going to share with you lovely readers a musing I had a year or so ago

Your brain is a minion palace

Sleep deprivation makes for the most interesting conversations. Sometimes, they even make a crazy kind of sense. This week, the product of two sleep-deprived individuals talking while working on something that didn’t take all of our brain function, limited though it was, was that our brains are actually run by minons with no evil overlord to tell them what to do.

 I know, sounds bizarre. But have you ever done something or had a random thought come up or been stuck on something and had no idea why? Doesn’t it make a weird kind of sense that this is because you’ve got a bunch of creative little minions running around in your head doing stuff just because they can?

Some of the examples that we came up that I can rememeber are as follows

One of the minions created a “craving for fatty foods” protocol that was let run for five years before it got fed into the “workout machine”

I’m uncoordinated because the fattest minion has fallen asleep on the coordination switch and now none of the other minions can move him. Apparently, he is one of the least useful minions so they just let him do whatever he wants and he occasionally mucks things up

Thoughts are like an assembly line, with multiple minions bringing parts together and sending sentences off to your mouth and vocal chords. When you’re tired, they’re tired too, which is why sometimes talking while you’re tired results in sentances that are out of order or just plain don’t make sense because of missing words or simply the wrong words.

The “motivation machine” is fueled by the products of  the “regret machine” (just like it sounds, it generates regrets based on what you’ve done or haven’t done) and by your “will power machine”. Sometimes, the “regret machine” works too well and triggers the release of the “rage monster” which runs about smashing things indiscrimitly until the minions manage to knock it out again. The minions are currently working on a way to make the “regret machine” less effective.

There is a super fast minion who likes to run around and press any and all buttons he can find, often repeatedly. He gets away with it because none of the other minions can catch him. The result is you getting obcessive over something. In my case, my speed demon minon likes to push the giggle button until I can’t breathe


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