Coconut Pouchong


Tea of the Day: Coconut Pouching by Golden Moon Tea

Description: This South Pacific delicacy is composed of long, green leaves of rare elegance that produce a serene, light tea. The subtle nectar of young coconut instills a tropical sweetness in this exquisite bouquet

Smells like desert! Coconutty and chocolate, yum!

Same when steeped

Tea expands a lot, so use a tea basket

Liquor is a bright, clear yellow in the cup

Light coconut flavor, very smooth.

Needs no sugar, however, 1 sugar brings out a more earthy tone to the tea that is not otherwise noticeable

Tea Rating: 5/5 (which is a little odd because coconut is not usually my favorite!)

Just a bit of a ramble today, based on an idea that has been knocking about in my head for a while

At various times in my life, I have known people who speak to me on a level that gives me goosebumps during normal conversation

I have also known people who have had such wonderful souls that any physical imperfections are gone from sight

To me, these things are related: they are evidence that there is something divine in each of us

Or, better put, a piece of the driving force of the universe, the star stuff from which we are all made
I believe that there is more to this world than meets the eye, and that every one, every thing, and every time is connected in ways we could never even begin to truly imagine

This is a little scary at times, but I also find it to be an uplifting thought. We all matter, maybe for reasons that we’ll never know, but our lives aren’t just a meaningless flicker

Sometimes we get to meet people who show their divinity a little more than others

Sometimes we are that beacon for others

What I wonder, though, is this: is the spark we feel and swear we see something we can catch?

Can we measure it?

If not that, can we render it artistically, represent it with an artful shutter click or stroke of a pen or paintbrush?

Can we show someone else how they look through our eyes?

Could we really see it if someone else tried to do the same?

For me, the answer to all of these questions is “maybe”

Maybe, maybe, maybe

But I do know one thing: we can (and should) treat others with respect and maybe even a little bit of awe, because the spark that got each of us where we are now is something amazing to be cherished and appreciated

No matter how different we may seem, we are more alike inside that we may ever understand.


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