Hoja Cha


Tea of the Day: Hoja Cha by Summit Spice and Tea

Description: A roasted Japanese tea that brews a smooth amber cup reminiscent of roasted barley with chocolate

Smells grassy and like something roasted to me, warm and savory

Continues to have that roasted veggie smell when steeped

Liquor is amber colored in the cup

Tea is sweet first, then savory, light and smooth. Does not need sugar, but sugar does kick up the sweetness of the tea

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

Today at work I ran across a wooden wall hanging that read:

“Beauty attracts the eye, but personality attracts the heart”

Simple statement, but I found that it resonated with me

And I also found that I both agree and disagree with the sentiment

I agree, of course for obvious reasons. Have we not all dated someone who later on, due to souring of feelings is rather abruptly just not attractive to us anymore? Or met someone with a stunning personality that draws us in, seems to make the world shine, even though when we see them from a distance they seem ordinary? Or been close with someone who is gorgeous in person but simply does not photograph well?

I also happen to think that it is a combination of physical beauty and internal shine that attack and keep people around certain other people. Or repels them, as the case may be

But then I disagree as well

This is because I feel that in a lot of cases, a person’s personality shows through in their physical self, making them more or less beautiful depending on the disposition we refer to.

So, in the reality in which we live, beauty is a bit more important than we might wish, but it is not as difficult to attain as we might think

“Making tea is more than just following directions….It is a practice that, like the drink itself, warms the heart somehow.” James Norwood Pratt, The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Treasury, p 279


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