Tea of the Day: Ididamint by Summit Spice and Tea

Description: Like a thin mint in your cup! A blend of roasted mate, peppermint, cacao nibs and rooibos

Smells exactly as described, crushed up thin mints

Liquor is a dark chestnut brown in the cup

Still smells very minty when steeped

Flavor is chocolaty followed by mint. Adding sugar blends the flavors together better (but only just). When the tea is cold, tastes like a peppermint mocha

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today’s thought is a conversation between two lovers (male in bold, female in italic)

You’re a sorceress. I’m done for

If I were truly a sorceress, we would fly with every kiss, lighter than air” 

What do you mean?”

Flying is the only thing that I can think of that could possibly compare to this feeling

What feeling?

Every nerve comes alive when you are here, every sound clearer, every color more vibrant, and I swear all of life’s questions are answered in the shrinking space between us and the mingling of our breath”

They kiss as the scene fades to black


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