Yerba Mate Mint


Tea of the Day: Yerba Mate Mint by Choice Organic Teas

Description: Perk up with this refreshing twist on the traditional. We blend our Yerba Mate with peppermint, spearmint, and a hint of lemongrass for a bright tea that’s light, cool, and exhilerating.

Smells minty and lemony

Liquor is amber colored in the cup

Minty with a nice grassy-lemony undertone

Tea Rating: 4/5

“Where do you get your inspiration?”

This is a question I’m sure a lot of artists get, plus a relevant one to ask each other.

To me, inspiration is something like the rain: it comes (or not) as it chooses. Unlike the weather, however, there are certain things I can do to encourage it to manifest:

Spend time with the people who matter to me. This works because those who are important to me also find me to be important and find that my thoughts are interesting. Plus, they also have interesting ideas of their own that can spark mine.

Read. A lot. Whatever the format, I find that reading the works of others gets my own creative juices flowing.

Relax. Except for in certain situations where my only outlet was to write about it in an abstract manner, my creative brain almost out and out refuses to do anything under pressure

Listen to music. For me, instrumental music, particularly violin heavy music, gets my brain focused in on what I’m trying to do.

Exercise. Any kind of physical labor that doesn’t also engage my brain let’s my mind freely wander and latch on to whatever inspiration there might be floating about in my head-space.

These are the kind of things that work for me. I hope if you’re feeling blocked today that these may help you get some ideas of your own.


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