Tea of the Day: S’mores by Teavana

Description: Wulong tea with a touch of whimsy. Bright oolong melts into classic flavors of the campfire; toasty marshmallow, sweet graham, and rich milk chocolate blend together for a treat to sip while thinking of bonfires past, and those yet to come.

Smells super chocolaty and sweet, has mini marshmallows in it

Liquor is milk chocolate brown in the cup

Smells just the same steeped as dry

Tastes like chocolaty sweetness, but not as strong as I’d expect from the smell

Tea Rating: 3/5

Some pretty prose for this day, inspired by a thought that drifted across my sleepy mind

I dream dreams of my future

Detailed, vivid, sometimes silly, often outlandish

I am the hero of my own story.

Once upon a time, the only constant in these dreams was me. The cast of other characters shifted and changed around me and I never knew who I might see in my dreamscape

Now, my dreams are different, and the same.

I still dream of my future, with all of my crazy imagination can throw.

I am still often the protagonist

But, there is another constant presence where once there was only me.

I am no longer alone in my visions of the future; you are there by my side

Only in my nightmares do I face anything alone.

Only in my nightmares are you away from me

A reflection of my waking life, now with you by my side, even my dreams are more adventurous, magical and wonderful. I feel graceful and strong in a way I cannot describe.

These days I wake up smiling more than I ever have before


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