Chocolate Mate


Tea of the  Day: Chocolate Mate by Guayaki

Description: A decadent blend of yerba mate, coca, and spices. A blissful blend for chocolate lovers

Smells something like chai with the spices, but also minty with a hint of chocolate

Liquor is caramel brown in the cup

Slight minty/spicy and chocolate smelling.

Reminds me of chocolate cream of wheat for some reason; chocolaty and kind of nutty.Smooth, soothing and quite tasty

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

There are times when someone enters your life and you know the moment you meet that they are going to change it. It’s easy to recognize, a jolt of knowing straight out of the sky

This is something people talk about on a fairly regular basis, and we accept such an assertion without much consternation. We romanticize it in movies and books all the time, as it is often a very positive feeling when it does occur

What no one seems  to talk about is how someone you meet can change your life, not right away, but somewhere down the line.

It can happen in a couple of ways, one slow, one fast.

The slow way is usually how long-lasting friendships happen. You meet someone, think they’re interesting, get to know them over time, closeness develops, and then it’s a decade later and you literally cannot imagine your life without this friend of yours in it.

This can also happen with romantic relationships, although the line between friend and lover is often a bit more dramatic

The other way, the fast way, is something like the bolt out of the sky instant previously mentioned, except that instead of it occurring right at first meeting it happens later: months, maybe even years. You know this person, friendly but not close,have  pleasant conversations when you see each other by chance but don’t typically seek each other out. Then, one of you decides to change that, maybe by asking for a date, or by showing up to join the other at the place at time that they usually have lunch…something. How this change happens isn’t all that important. What is important though, is how this one choice suddenly changes everything. You look at each other differently; you’re wondering why it took you so long to see how important you were to each other; you feel utterly changed and utterly yourself at the same time.

I think perhaps the reason why no one really talks about, how someone can change the landscape of your life years after the first meeting is because it’s a little hard to understand. We don’t already have a paradigm for it, and it seems unlikely or far-fetched, even when it’s happening to us.

Trust me, it’s not.

If it happens, embrace it. It could well turn out to be the best decision of your life.


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