Spice Dragon Red Chai


Tea of the Day: Spice Dragon Red Chai by Stash tea

Description: Rooibos is combined with clove, ginger root and cinnamon to create a unique and spicy Chai

Smells like most Chai, sweet-spicy but this one has an added honey-like tone

Liquor is orange-gold in the cup

Tea doesn’t pack as much of a punch as one would have expected from the smell, but is still smooth and spicy sweet. A mellow chai, calming and soothing

Tea Rating: 4/5

As things change yet again in my life, I find myself thinking about some strange things; like bringing a new person into my inner circle also opens up my brain to new ideas

Today’s odd idea: Heart Insurance or Heartbreak Insurance

What if there was a company that sold insurance, but not the normal kind that we expect for our homes and cars  and health but  specifically for our hearts as insurance against heartbreak

You pay this company to guarantee that if you fall for someone who breaks your little heart that you will be put back together again

And there’d be different levels of insurance of course:

Basic would be an attractive someone of your gender preference would show up with junk food, wine, tissues, and funny movies and keep you company until you didn’t feel like you were coming apart at the seams

Next level would be the same as the basic but with cuddling with the heart insurance agent

Next level would be the agent would, instead of letting you sit around the house, would drag you out to do stuff, help you remember who you are, and how to love your awesome self again

Next level would be the insurance agent getting your booty moving and helping you find dates when you got to that point again.

And the most expensive heart insurance would not only be getting you moving and loving yourself and finding you your next (and hopefully the last?) significant other but also offering counseling sessions to help you through the tough stuff that hangs around people (things like past experiences that hurt to talk and about and such) and actual good advice when fights or other big things happen

Now of course, younger people would have higher costs, because you’re expected to get your heart broken a time or two as a teenager

Rates would go down around the average marriage age in your area,  the assumption being that you’re more likely to know what you want and need now, and not going to need to cash in

But: Rates would go up if you had a lot of relationships that you took seriously but ended up wiping you out in one way or another (kinda like accidents).

Rates would also go up once you got married and stay high for 5-10 years depending on your previous history as marriage is a big deal and recovering from that kind of break up would as a result take more time and resources.

This increase of rate would be higher each time you married (if you did so more than once) and would take longer each time to go down or you’d end up being uninsurable

There might be other milestones that would cause the rates to lower or raise, depending on the statistical risk of  a relationship ending at that point, but eventually after a decade or so in a committed relationship, your rates would go down because (again like no accidents), you’re not actually using the service, just paying the premium

I wonder how many people would buy into it?

I wonder how many disgruntled customers this kind of service would get?


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