Double Bergamont Earl Grey


Tea of the Day: Double Bergamont Earl Grey by Stash Tea

Description: A careful blend of fine black teas with extra oil of bergamont

Smells bright with citrus but with a harsh bite

Liquor is a dark orange-red brown in the cup

Citrusy and smooth, with and without sugar. I personally like extra bergamont in my earl grey because it makes a bright addition to any part of my day

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Today I am a warrior wizard, thundering along on the back of a jet black mare, huge staff in hand that blazes with light

Let me explain

Life is all about change

You can either be swept up by it, or be leading the charge

I am leading the charge, at least in my own life.

Hence the image.

Because, at least for me, it takes audacity and fearlessness–the warrior–and a bit of luck and faith woven in, which sometimes feels a lot like straight up magic. This is where the wizard part of how I feel comes in

I like the contrast of light and dark in and around the same person, because we are all a study in contrasts, dualities that make us whole

Plus, it is my hope that going after life with a positive attitude, giving it everything i have with a smile and enthusiasm is something that other people around me can see and maybe be inspired by. Or at the very least, given a little hope and a smile from how I deal with life.

Let’s get out there and  be awesome, fellow tea-drinking warriors!


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