Peach Black Tea


Tea of the Day: Peach Black Tea by Stash Tea

Description: Choice black teas are blended with the natural flavor of fresh, ripe peaches for a fragrant aroma and a delicately sweet, juicy taste

Smells like freshly juiced peaches, with a bit of a kick, almost like a peach flavored soda

Liquor is orange-brown in the cup

Very peachy taste, but with a bitter aftertaste

Adding sugar just makes the mouth feel dry

Tea Rating: 2/5

Today, someone I am just starting to really get to know asked me what my greatest fear is.

For once, I had no real answer

There used to be things that would make my mind run skittering away

Now…not so much

Those things that terrified me once still make me a bit uncomfortable…

…but they’ve happened, and I’m still here

Things I was sure would destroy me have not

Maybe changed my course a bit, but I am still here, and whole (mostly) and still me

This leaves me in an interesting place

I can reach out, be genuine and care, as fully as I choose, because I know there is nothing anyone can do to me that is worse than facing my deepest fears as I have

I can go for a promotion or a different job, pursue a better schedule or a raise because the worst thing that can happen is that I will be told ‘no’ and that’s really not all that bad

I can say yes to things in my life that seem to be uncertain because I know I’ll bounce back if they don’t turn out

I can say no to things that appear a sure bet because I know nothing really is certain and truly the easy path isn’t always the best

Having faced what I thought I could never manage, I can move forward in ways I could not before; even the scary things are alright

I think now the only thing that truly scares me is wasting the time I have with the people who matter…but that is something I have direct influence over

So, what keeps you up at night?

What can you do to change  your perspective on it?


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