Irish Breakfast


Tea of the Day: Irish Breakfast by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Beautiful golden tips highlighted against deep black leaves. The robust flavor is equally eloquent and complex. A rich malty character with notes of ripe cherries, dark prunes, and hints of honey

Smells a bit like green tea with it’s grassy sweetness, but also richer somehow. Makes me think of morning on a farm

Liquor is a rich dark red-brown in the cup

Coffee-like favor. Very robust with a sweet aftertaste

If you are inclined to add sugar, also add a little milk, a sugar alone makes it a bit astringent

Tea Rating: 3.75/5

The only really constant thing in life is change.

If we’re lucky, we’re able to get some consistency in friends or a career or a place that we live

But consistency like that is a double-edged sword

For one thing, it’s an illusion, things are always changing and if we don’t change too, one day you’ll find yourself adrift with no way of knowing how to even begin to get back in touch with the world

For another, being too set in our routines causes boredom. Everyone I know who has kept a full life, learning new things, staying active and expanding their personal horizons never even came close to having a mid-life crisis. They didn’t feel trapped or bogged down because they never let such a thing happen to them

The only constant thing in life is change

But we can’t expect to control it

And it’s not about having it all figured out

It’s about how you deal with the unexpected things that happen


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