Imperial Formosa Oolong


Tea of the day: Imperial Formosa Oolong by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Mesmerizing, silver-tipped leaves with a nectary amber liquor. A supple bouquet of orange blossoms and chestnuts is complicated by gentle hints of dates and musky cedar, producing and extraordinary fragrance

Earth and nutty-sweet, a little woodsy with a hint of floral as well

Deep amber color in the cup

Smells earthy and woodsy when steeped

Sweet and musky, slightly bitter. Sugar dials back the bitter a bit, but tastes like it would take milk very well

Tea Rating:3/5

Today’s thought: we’re out here on our own.

No one can feel what we feel, or take our pain away from us, or do that hard thing instead

However, when we reach out, take a moment to give a hug or share a smile, we do something very important.

We make each other feel less alone

For just a moment, in a little act of kindness, we lighten the load.

It may sound insignificant, but it is the most important thing we can do for each other

“Many hands make light work” applies to our emotional journeys as well

I cannot take your burden for you, nor you for me, but when we share our strength when others are not strong, we show that there is a light at the end of whatever tunnel they may be walking down, making it that much more likely that they’ll reach it

I’d say that’s pretty important.


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