Tea of the Day: Darjeerling by Golden Moon Tea

Description: The land of the dancing mist gives birth to this most precious Indian tea. The exquisite balance of fruit, nut, and floral notes with a unique muscatel (raisin) boquet make this one of the world’s finest

Floral, grassy and slightly fruity

Liquor is amber gold in the cup

The fruity smell of this tea is more apparent when steeped

Light and a touch sweet on its own. Adding sugar enhances the flavors and gives the tea a bit more body

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

In times such at these, times of great adjustment and change, it seems there is rarely time to think, let alone to write

But I find that I get these thoughts in my head that are impossible to ignore; if I don’t write them down they just bang around inside my head until I do exhale them, whether it be through this medium, with pencil or out loud in conversations

The last couple days, I keep circling around this:

I don’t need anyone

I would be utterly devastated if certain people in my life were to leave it…but I would survive

At first this thought saddened me, made me feel isolated

Because who doesn’t need someone?

I didn’t like this concept, it seemed to me to be cold and lonely, this independence that people strive for but almost never have

So I turned away from this thought, let my mind follow the thread unimpeded by my feelings, at least for a while

What came out of it is this:

I am not isolated, but connected

Removing the absolute need to have people in my life has actually benefited me greatly

I pick better people now; if I can function just fine on my own there is no reason to put up with the types that do me harm

This has also made me more patient and understanding; I have my hopes for how I will spend my days and who with, but it is  much easier now to step back and say “you’re busy, I’ll be here when you have time” without any feelings of inadequacy or resentment

I also no longer seek to control how others feel, I realize that feelings can’t be forced or changed how I wish and–so long as how another person feels has no direct negative effect on me–I am content to let people be as they are

I still care just as deeply about those that I love, but now I feel that it means a little more because I really do love for who the person in question is, not for what they can do for me; I can be utterly intense but not desperate, and totally genuine without fear.

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