Caramel Chai


Tea of the Day: Chocolate Chai by Teavana

Description: Pamper yourself with the warm sweet taste of caramelized sugar as it mingles with traditional Indian spices in this rich and luxe roobios tea

Before the container of this tisane is even open all the way, you can smell caramelly sweet, spicy goodness. Strong cinnamon smell, with vanilla sugar tones and a hint of some other kind of spice

Liquor is caramel brown in the cup

Steeped, tea smells slightly peppery (almost) along with the cinnamon and a hint of ginger bite

Very sweet on it’s own, this is one that would be less tasty with sugar, in my opinion. The warmth from the spice lingers pleasantly, making it a great after walk tea when it’s cold outside

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today, some musings I wrote a few years ago that I find still has relevance

You fall in (and out) of love in pieces.

On the way in, first it is some trait–their super big grin when they look at you, an understanding glance, some shared interest–that draws you in, asks you quietly and softly to come closer

The next step is an affirmation of that first trait so to speak, with laughter coming easier when you’re around them, conversations that are more comfortable silence than words, finding out that you have so much more in common than you ever would have thought…and you’re glad you stepped closer

The next bit comes rather suddenly: you find that you’re at your best when you can spend time with them, and that everything you learn about them just makes you more happy that they’re around

Falling out of love happens is pieces too; little bits falling away to reveal something that you never thought was there, never believed could be, not now, not with this person.

This starts with small things that bug you: they make fun of your friends, or they’re never available, or maybe someone else is openly chasing them and not being turned away

Whatever the case, it erodes your happiness, maybe causes fights..and then you find that their reaction to your worries is not what you would expect from someone who was as wonderful as you had thought.

At this point, if both parties want to fix it, things can be turned around. You can fall back in love

But lets say you feel like you can’t do it, or they don’t want to try. So Things continue to degenerate to the point that while you still do love them, care for them, you feel better when they are not there and are more truly happy alone (or maybe with someone else).

So it’s been my experience that love or lack there of is not some lightening strike, but a gradual thing that changes everything forever.


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