Yumberry black currant


Tea of the Day: Yumberry Black Currant  by Stash Tea

Description: Yumberry’s flavor is intriguingly sweet and sour with flavor notes similar to cranberry and pomegranate. Black currants have a sweet berry flavor that enhances this tea.

Smells very berry, sweet and slightly tart.

Ruby red in the cup

Tea has a flavor that is much like the smell, like sugared berries

Tea Rating: 3/5

Today, I am grateful for my parents

I know I am lucky that they are who they are every day. Their personalities and guidance through my life have most assuredly shaped the person I am today and I happen to like me

There is a more specific reason for my overwhelmingly loved feeling today, however.

There is a lot of upheaval in terms of what I’m doing for work right now, and I was faced with something I’ve never encountered before  and could not decide how to proceed

I knew what made the most sense for me to do, and how to do it, but I was stuck on feeling like I was acting shady .

So, I called my dad. I explained the situation to him, and he told me what he would do if he were me, and why doing that would not reflect badly on me as a person, which is exactly what I needed.

Simple conversation, but so helpful.

It was like borrowing a more experienced brain for a few minutes

Tonight, I hope all of you have someone like that.

If not your parents, someone you look up to and feel comfortable asking advice from.

We all need an outside view sometimes, and there is something to be said for greater experience


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