Black Forest


Tea of the day: Black Forest by Stash Tea

Description: Rich Chocolate and cherry flavors, hibiscus and black tea combine with all the decadence of Black Forest cake without the guilt

Smells like rich chocolate cake batter

Liquor is chocolaty brown in the cup

When steeped, tastes of chocolate. Adding sugar brings out the cherry notes. Tastes like having cake, but without getting weighed down at all. Delicious!

Tea Rating: 5/5

As of today, I have 100 lovely followers on this blog.

I am ecstatic and blown away; i never expected quite this reception to my passion and my musings. I would have continued this endeavor if I had no followers outside of people who have met me face to face, but the fact that people are reading this (and apparently sharing it with their friends) is added incentive to keep at it

So thank you, all of you.

This seems to be a common thing as of late; I am the luckiest unlucky person

What I mean is this: I have had a week of crazy, I am now unemployed and hunting for a job and just when I thought I had things in order as much as possible for that, one of the parts in my desktop computer goes out.

I will admit I had a bit of a spaz out at this

But, just by telling people that this had happened, the parts I need are now on the way. I wasn’t expecting help, I was just talking about my day and looking for advice on how to proceed, but I am appreciative of the help

And that’s not the only awesome thing that has happened in terms of people being supportive in this crazy week, it’s just the most recent

It seems that I actually am getting the kind of good I give out to people, that I have help and support simply because I give help and support

This is how it’s supposed to work, I’ve always felt, but now to have it actually happening is pretty wonderful

So, thank you to all of my friends who read this. You really mean the world to me

And to all of you I don’t know, when you help someone in need out, even if you aren’t the closest of friends with that person, you mean more to them than they may ever be able to say. So, on their behalf, you’re awesome, and thank you.


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