Tea of the Day: Jasmine Tea by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Freshly picked green leaves layered with aromatic jasmine petals exquisetly crafted by hand to bring out the full flavor and fragrance of the jasmine flowers. A smooth, elegant tea of refinement and character

Smells very floral and sweet, slight grassy hint. There are actual jasmine blossoms in the leaves

When steeped, the jasmine blossoms unfold.

Liquor is light golden green in the cup

The tea has a lovely floral scent and flavor. Simple, but very refreshing

Tea Rating: 5/5

And so we continue to move on.

Resume updated, phone calls made, applications in…

…now we just sit and wait.

I have had one interview, for a job at the local tea place which is terribly exciting. Only issue is that I’ll have to work two jobs if I take that job since it doesn’t pay quite enough to make ends meet

Hence the other applications and the waiting

One thing is for sure… this whole process is draining; I feel like I’ve been more busy without a job than with one!

I’m sure that will pass, although I do hope I stay busy enough not to get bored and lazy whilst I wait to hear back on the jobs I have applied for

My friends have said that I should try to enjoy some of the time off; they all have faith that I will be employed again before I know it.

I hope they’re right, I really really do


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