Christmas Morning


Tea of the Day: Christmas Morning by Stash Tea

Description: This black tea is a rich, multi-layered drink that is sure to pick you up. This smooth tea showcases its bright and complex flavor, a great mix of brisk and sweet

Dry tea smells like southern sweet tea with some subtle grassy sweetness

Liquor is a rich dark red-brown in the cup

Tastes like a cross between English and Irish breakfast teas. Smokey, but only slightly, rich and smooth T

ea Rating: 4/5



There are days when rest is needed

There are weeks when rest won’t come

The second situation is where I’ve been the last week

As a result, I’ve been absent from posting because there was nothing coherent I could say

No positive thoughts

No insightful words

Just tired, so tired

But now, a little poem for you, my lovely readers


Rest is a jewel,

in a tarnished setting

Largely unappreciated,


it’s missing.


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