Alaska Fireweed Black Tea


Tea of the Day: Alaska Fireweed Black Tea by Alaska Herb Tea Co.

smells tart and slightly sweet, something like currants with honey

Liquor is a pinkish red-brown in the cup

Tea smells the same steeped as dry

Lightly sweet, clear flavor, with sugar a little bit of tartness comes out. Simple but tasty

Tea Rating: 3/5


Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten to do some things that I had wanted to do for a while

Some were fun, some were necessary, some were a blend of the two

The majority of them were things that had no real impact on anyone’s life but mine own.

Or, as I’ve thought of it in the past, “selfish things”

Notice I said “in the past.”

I’ve been gaining momentum since the beginning of last year, most noticeably so in the last six months

I bet someone who hasn’t seen me in a year or more would be stunned. I know I still am sometimes.

One thing that has become increasingly obvious as I’ve gained independence and self-assurance is that I am not obligated to spend time where I don’t want to and I do not need to apologize for doing right by me

Truthfully, (assuming that “right by me” does not destroy someone else) none of us need apologize for being choosey about where our time goes.

There is no need to waste time doing things that we’re not interested in or with people who bring us down.


It’s easy to carry guilt, to feel like just because someone invites to an activity that we have to participate. If you’re not interested, or that person makes you uncomfortable, do not be ashamed! It’s not possible to like everyone or everything, nor should we want to

Our time is precious, since we cannot say how much of it we have, and we aren’t doing anyone any favors by spreading ourselves so thing all we are is frazzled

There are times when we can’t choose how we spend our time (not all of us are lucky enough to have jobs doing what we love) but when there is choice, go ahead and choose! Say yes or no joyfully because when you choose, the mosaic of memories begins to be built around good feelings that you would be glad to have again, rather than grimacing remembrances of things you simply suffered through

I can say from experience that at first this concept is a little daunting, since it is admittedly easier to just go with the flow, letting other people choose for you.

So, start small, with things like voicing your opinion on where you’d actually like to go for lunch with friends more often or things of that nature. You’ll find that it gets easier to do the more often you do it, that it will snowball into bigger things and (this is best part) that people will actually appreciate your straightforward and clear honesty. There will be a few that won’t, but I’d argue that those are exactly the people who don’t need your time.

Chin up, make your choice with the internal assurance that this is your right, and keep on keeping on.


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