Ginger Snappish


Tea of the day: Ginger Snappish by Bigelow

Description: This lovely herbal tea is a blend of ginger with a subtle hint of lemon, perfect on a winter’s day

Smells like lemon with a hint of ginger

Ginger smell is sharper once steeped

Liquor is yellow gold in the cup

The tea is sweet and warming with a ginger bite

Tea Rating: 3/5

Recently, I had a conversation about romance. Specifically, about the most romantic thing ever said to us and the most romantic moment we could remember

As with any other good conversation, this got me thinking.

About romance, but also about love: what it is and what it’s not

My heart is filled with a gratitude as a result of this thought process

To explain:

Love can be big and wild and crazy, with big expensive gifts and whirlwind weekends and ridiculous events that are chained together so close, so fast that you don’t have time to breathe

This is something like Romantic Comedy love…none of us expect it to be real but all kinda hope it is. It’s certainly fun to experience RomCom moments in our real lives

But this notion of what romance and love is I feel is missing something important. Love is more (and less) than those things.

Love, the kind that lasts, the kind that makes 60 year marriages and houses full of happiness isn’t always big and showy. It’s about favorite foods made and little things picked up just because it reminds you of a loved one. It’s hugs and quiet moments and sharing things that interest you so you can enjoy them together. It’s all those little moments that maybe you don’t always notice but that always make you feel at home, welcome and relaxed.

Lasting love is much quieter than RomCom love but it will keep you going when nothing else will and sticks in your head long after the moment is gone or that person is no longer in your life (for whatever reason).

I am feeling grateful today because I have two parents who have showed me, for as long as I can remember, what deep and lasting love is: what it looks like and how to share it with someone else.

Because of them, I have to the tools to recognize deep and lasting love and to build loving, healthy relationships

This truly is a great gift; one that just keeps getting better with time

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