Night of the Iguana Chai


Tea of the Day: Night of the Iguana Chai by The Whistling Kettle

Description: A mysterious blend of chocolate and masala spices enhances this velvety black tea

Smells like Mexican chocolate; dark chocolate and spice but with more spice and a pleasantly bitter richness behind it

Liquor is a dark red brown in the cup

Once steeped, smells like chocolate and cinnamon.

Chocolaty, cinnamony, has other spices (possibly pepper) that make it leave a significant warmth behind, particularly in the back of the throat. Slightly bitter, use less tea than you think you need

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Today, a poem of sorts. Maybe more a lyrical affirmation of my life. Imagine, if you will, a drum beat. Strong and steady like a heartbeat, but relentless like the steady pounding of the surf:

Today, I feel fierce.

Today I want to sing my song.
The song of who I am
And, of who I am not.
I am a daughter, sister, a friend.
I am strong and capable, I do what needs to be done
I am not heartless, though. Not about things that matter.
I am fragile and sometimes broken about certain things
I am not, however, weak. The breaking is never permanent.
I am open-minded and giving.
I am not an endless well. Sometimes I need to recharge.
I am goofy, often amused
I am not incapable of taking things seriously, however
I am sometimes random, thoughts jumping around
I am not flighty, you can count on me to remember, and to show up
I am intelligent
I am not a genius (some days I cannot brain to save my life)
I am observant
I am not always going to see everything
I am not perfect
I am perfectly me.

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