White Ginger


Tea of the Day: White Ginger by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Hand plucked white tea leaves and exquisite yin zhen buds with freshly dried ginger root, producing a sweet and enlivening cup

Smells full and earthy, with a nice sharp zing

Liquor is a clear golden yellow in the cup

Tastes lightly sweet with a nice ginger finish

One sugar cube is more than enough. This tea is simple but not boring, in that “this is perfect just as it is” kind of way

Tea Rating: 5/5

My brain is a little slow today because it’s so very cold outside all I want to do is snuggle up with my book and tea and nap and read a bit here and there

Instead, I went out in the cold (several times) and went to work.

On a whim, I did a google search for “tea porn”

I was expecting possibly terrifying results, but actually got a things that are actually tea related, and not in a disturbing way!

Here are some links to what I found:



For me, the two pinterest boards are the most interesting.

In other news, today marks 100 posts to this blog! *imaginary cheering*

Might not be the biggest deal ever, but for me, that is at least 100 days of actual writing and that feels pretty darn good

Have a wonderful, tea-filled day!

“Dad was at his desk when I opened the door, doing what all British people do when they’re freaked out: drinking tea.”
Rachel Hawkins, Demonglass


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