Moroccan Mint


Tea of the Day: Moroccan Mint by Golden Moon Tea

Description: An enlivening blend of green tea and fragrant mint leaves. Green gunpowder tea with mint oil and mint leaves

The tea smells just like you’d expect: mint. There is a touch of grassiness to the scent as well

Liquor is dark amber in the cup.

Smells like mint, tastes like mint

Pretty Standard mint tea. Easily drinkable and fragrant, the kind of tea you could just drink all day.

Tea Rating: 4/5

I discovered something on my trip last week:

I love to travel.

I hate airports

I mean it, going new places, seeing new things, walking around, driving around, getting lost, finding stunning gorgeous moments because you’re just wandering around…It’s all amazing

I don’t even mind planes. Sit down, get settled, and then there’s a perfect excuse to nap or do nothing but read

It’s the airports…

I realized while I was on a middle-of-the-night extended layover that the problem I have with airports is that they’re full of stress. Even when I myself am doing just fine, there have been enough stressed out people coming through that they leave some of it behind and it just hangs around

Not a very pleasant thing. And it’s even worse when I myself am dashing from gate to gate.

So…come fly with me, but let’s not stay in the airport too long


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