Lapasang Souchong


Tea of the Day: Lapasang Souchong by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Bold, black leaves smoked over pine embers in the east of China, making this tea rich and full-bodied with a deep bronze liquor. Both aromatic and distinctive, our Lapasang Souchong has grand character

Definite smokey smell. Evokes thoughts of campfire tales and s’mores. Wonderfully woody tone

Smells much the same once steeped

Hint of sweetness in the flavor, like dark chocolate. Flavor lingers after the tea is gone

Liquor is a dark chestnut brown

Tea Rating: 4/5

It’s amazing what sleep can do.

After just two good nights and most of a day of sleep, I feel great.

Not just physically, my state of mind is much better, too. I ventured out of the house picked up a couple things, and instead of dodging glances in the store like I have done so often when not well, I actually stopped and chatted with a few people. I just generally felt confident (and attractive) and was happy to talk and be friendly.

So sleep really helps…although I think this day is also a measure of the general change in my state of mind



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