Pu-Erh Chai


Tea of the day: Pu-Erh Chai by Golden Moon Tea

Description: An exotic blend of rich, earthy notes enlivened by aromatic cinnamon and green cardamon pods, highlighted with a smooth citrus bouquet. Sweet and full-bodied

Smells of cinnamon and citrus with an unusual bitey bitterness behind it that is not unpleasant, rather lends the dry leaves some unexpected depth

Dark chestnut brown in the cup

Smells much the same steeped as dry, but with a smokey character that comes out in the flavor as well.

Adding sugar brings out the spices and citrus, very tasty

Tea Rating: 4/5

I can breathe!

I slept last night!

I can smell things again!

*runs off into the distance, cheering*

I really don’t have much of a post today, I’ve been so focused on getting better there isn’t much thoughtful going on

I am simply happy to say that though I am still congested and tired, I am definitely on the mend which is a wonderful way to begin my weekend

“With melted snow I boil fragrant tea.”
Mencius, Mencius

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