Snow Sprout


Tea of the Day: Snow Sprout by Golden Moon Tea

Description: As the most gentle among green teas, snow sprout delivers tender young buds that give a light infusion of serene clarity. Delicate floral notes are followed by a lingering sweetness

Smells sweet, slightly grassy, with a little bit of sharpness to it. Makes me think of horses.

Very pale green-gold in the cup

Light an subtly sweet, relaxing,

Tastes better without sugar. very simple and very tasty tea

Tea Rating: 4.5/5

While I was on lunch today, I had a thought occur to me:

I enjoy being a single lady.

Not in the bitter, relationship-hating, I-don’t-want-to-bother-to-try-again sense; I am quite open to the possibility that the love of my life may show up today or may already be in my life. I actually find the possibility of love rather exciting

Also not in playing-the-field sense; I am not particularly interested in bouncing around in one-thing-only relationships or trailing a bunch of suitors around behind me like some kind of strange bread crumb trail

What it actually is is pretty simple: I am a person whole and complete all on my own and for once, even after being single for around a year now, don’t feel any kind of burning need to change that. I am enjoying spending time with people that I find to be interesting and that make me feel good  without there being any stress or tension between myself and anyone I’m spending time with. I am also quite free to do my own thing, on my own terms; my time is mine. I fully expect that sooner or later there will be a special someone that will be the partner I can build a future with, but I am in no particular hurry to make that thing happen right this minute. There is a time and a place for everything under the sun and I am fully content with continuing to build positive relationships, to grow and learn and just be

Feels pretty good


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