Jasmine Pearls


Tea of the Day: Jasmine Pearls by Golden Moon tea

Description: Freshly picked green leaves lavished with aromatic jasmine petals exquisitely crafted by hand to bring out the full flavor and exotic fragrance of the Jasmine flowers. A smooth elegant tea of refinement and character.

Smells wonderfully of jasmine with a nice touch of sweet and a fuller undercurrent that puts me in mind of incense

Pale pale gold in the cup

Smells of jasmine carried by an earthy tone

Tastes a bit more earthy than it smells, the sweetly floral flavor lingers more in the mouth after the swallow

Adding sugar really brings out the floral flavor and emphasizes the smoothness of the tea

Tea Rating: 5/5

I am on this day quite glad I did not start my tea blog at the exact same time I started writing in my journal about all of the delicious tea

Reason being: right now I can’t smell anything so doing a proper tea review is nigh impossible. But, I have a week or so of tea already written about  which should tide me over until I’m well again.

My face feels like it has pop rocks in it, sinus pressure pushing up against my cheekbones and occasionally loosening with an almost-audible pop that tastes like fresh air but feels like getting water up my nose

It has taken me literally all day to come up with that description.

I hope all of you reading this are staying healthy right now

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