Tea of the Day: Rose by Golden Moon Tea

Description: Intoxicating and heady, our Rose tea is a beautiful black tea sprinkled with rose petals. It delivers an exotic floral scent and a light, florid taste that is divine hot or iced.

Dry tea at first smells like rye bread, and then the sweet smell of roses comes through

Liquor is a rich brown with a pinkish tint

Rose scent is stronger when steeped, nicely accented by a rich tea leaf smell

Lightly sweet and floral, relaxing and very easy to drink. Makes me think of a fancy tea party.

Tea Rating: 4/5

I’m back!

I’d say I missed writing, but truthfully my journal got used while I was away and the thoughts were far too jumbled to put to a blog

It’s been a busy day so still a bit jumbled

It was good to be with family

But my parents home isn’t home anymore. I missed my dog, I missed my bed, and my close friends. I wish everyone I love could be with me always.

I guess that is what memories are for

Whatever the case, much though I missed being at my home, I did need to be there with my parents. I feel more…solid…than I did before. Like I needed the reminder that even with the pain we’re all ok.

I’ve set a couple things in motion that I’m excited to see come to fruition, and I’m feeling so very grateful for my friends.

All in all, it was a good day


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