Kashmiri Chai


Tea of the Day: Kashmiri Chai by Golden Moon Tea

Description: An exotic, spiced tea from the Himalayas of Northern India. Aromatic and warming.

Cinnamony smell blends well with the rich fullness of the tea leaves. One can get a pick-me-up just from the smell!

Once steeped, the infusion smells very similar to the dry tea, but the tea smell is stronger

Liquor is chestnut brown in the cup

The tea has a smokey flavor not apparent from the smell. Tastes like a slow waking up or warming up from a walk in the snow

Because the tea has a lot of flavor, it needs a bit more sugar than you would expect if you like your tea sweet

Tea Rating: 4/5

So I had this pop into my head last night:

It’s night. No light at all.

Except: there stand a woman made of stars, a mass of silvery, shimmering light, millions of little dots collected together

She is long, lean but not hard, a dancer’s body. Her hair is long and wavy, but it is hard to tell how long in the darkness.

We’re looking at her not head on, but from a slight sideways angle off to her right.

She has her arms open wide, hands slightly behind her. He head is back, back arched just slightly, her left leg is forward and her left foot rest on something so that knee is slightly bent.

There is sense of pull towards her and then push away as we feel a great exhale and the stars inside her spill out from her chest and up into the sky

Makes me really wish I could paint. Or that I knew a painter who needed ideas


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