Tea of the Day: Damnit! A signature blend by Meg Daunting via Adagio Teas

Description: This tea’s Georgia Peach aroma is offset with cinnamon spices and the smooth (but slightly bitter) taste of Irish Breakfast

Smells bold and rich; peaches, apricots and something very close to strong coffee

Smells more peachy when steeped. Smooth and slightly bitter. Fills the mouth with its flavor and body. The cinnamon is very subtle, more a heat than an actual flavor. Adding sugar makes it even smoother and brings out the peach/apricot

Tea Rating: 4/5

The internal work I have been doing is starting to show some changes that I never expected; for some reason I expected a more positive mindset not to have any physical effects

But there are some:

My face has gone back to the round-cheeked, young look that it used to have. The huge dark circles under my eyes are gone

I hurt less

I’ve noticed that it does not take quite as much work to maintain progress I have made in terms of strength and fitness as it did when I started  a year ago

When I sleep, I sleep better

There are also some changes that are less physical but still important

I am more aware of the things that go on around me that aren’t strictly visible: things like people’s moods, the clues they give off about what their next action is going to be, whether or not something is going to be a good idea, etc. Still not a perfect thing, obviously, because I can still be surprised. But that’s harder to do now

And one other thing that I find interesting but also disconcerting: I am remembering my dreams.

It used to be that I might remember maybe a couple dreams a week, and sometimes just vague impressions when I remembered anything at all.

Now, I remember at least part of what I dreamed about every night. My dreams are now vivid, over-realistic, almost cinematic. I can describe them in some depth, even days later, because they stick. It’s almost like my brain just plays back the movie reel of the dream when I think about them. They’re usually very strange, but they don’t have the same unshakable unsettling hold over me that they did when all I could remember was hints of a whole.

I don’t know what this development means in terms of where my mind it, but mixed in with all the other positives, I don’t feel off base when I say that I think the dream thing is a good thing, too.

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”
Lin Yutang, The Importance Of Living


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