Tea of the Day: Boldly, a mix by Meg Daunting via Adagio Tea

Description:  Heading out for a five year mission in space, or just craving something bold and yummy for your tea time? Boldly is earth with a bright splash of blueberry-scented flavor. Tell your doctor and first officer to relax and have a cup with you! [blueberry, Assam medley and almond oolong]

Smells very blueberry with a sweet, nutty hint

Liquor is a lovely dark red brown in the cup.

The nutty smell is stronger once the tea is steeped. Very smooth going down and the tea is rich and fills the mouth. Once sweetened, the blueberry flavor comes out even more

Tea Rating: 4/5

Yesterday I had a hope I had not realized I was hanging onto dashed

The result was a storm of emotions. It hurt, but it wasn’t unexpected, so I was almost mad for being hurt, for a couple of reasons

One: As I said I wasn’t surprised that things were more completely over with the guy that I’d been interested in than I’d hoped they were. So I felt like I did it to myself, so why was I hurt?

Two: I stayed true to my feelings and convictions throughout, doing what I thought was right. I took a chance, and it didn’t pan out…but I got to meet and somewhat get to know another awesome person, and I had a really good time while I was able to see him…so hurt just shouldn’t have a place in such an otherwise positive experience.

Along with that odd mix was another feeling that I don’t think I’ve felt right on the heels of disappointment before:

A sense of peace.

I got the closure that I’d needed…maybe not in the way that I had wanted, but still.

There was honesty between us, and clarity, and now I can move forward with my life, secure in the knowledge that things are the way they are meant to be, that the only thing even worth trying to change is the fact that I let the maybe that was happening stand as long as I did.

I’m honestly excited for what comes next.

Hooray for positive thoughts!


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