Country Peach Passion


Tea of the Day: Country peach passion by Celestial Seasonings

Description: The sweet, juicy peaches chosen for this delicious blend bring to mind a decadent Southern delight — peaches and cream. We’ve added just the right amount of comforting Mexican chamomile and sweet Oriental blackberry leaves to give a touch of international flavor to a delectable all-American favorite

Smells like candied peaches before steeping

Liquor is a peachy gold color in the cup

Light and sweet on its own, tastes just like it smells: peaches!

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

This has been a week of positives.

I find this perhaps a bit strange as this ball got rolling with a good hard look at myself, and how I feel, and how I’ve felt in the past, which is often less than fun.

I think perhaps it’s been an overwhelmingly positive time is mostly (probably almost entirely) because I’ve taken this larger picture that seems rather lonely and picked out the positive things from it.

Best part? Each individual positive thing was pretty small on it’s own…but once I started looking, I found more and more things and suddenly I’m sitting here at the end of the week going “Wow, that’s a lot of good stuff”

It’s the little things, small changes, small steps, that really make the big difference

And not just to me, either.

I had a friend thank me this week for all my awesome positive posts because apparently they helped their week be less stressful. Keep in mind, now, it takes less than five minutes for me to jot off a status update or share a story that made me smile. This little bit of time made a big difference

And that person is not the first to comment on the effect the things I say and share has on them.

This, of course, makes it all the more important to keep being positive, to keep seeing the good side of things and occasionally just belly-laughing at the sheer awesomeness (or ridiculousness) of all that happens in this crazy, wonderful life

Honestly though, I am really OK with that reminder to keep my head up and brain on positive things. You get back what you give out to the world.

Maybe not right away, but it all comes back around.

Personally, I’d rather have positive things come back to me, what about you?


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