Raspberry Pineapple Luau


Tea of the Day: Raspberry Pineapple Luau by Teavana

Description: Bright raspberry, and ripe, tangy pineapple kissed with sweet hibiscus flower and pieces of crisp apple come together fantastically in a cup certain to have you in an Aloha state of mine

Definitely smells very strongly of sweet pineapple with a nice overlay of something a little more tart

Liquor is a lovely dark pink (almost red) color in the cup

Tastes like it smells, fruity and tart, a refreshing cup

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Life has a funny way of working out

Not always the way you want…but often the way you need. Like that song by the Rolling Stones:  “you can’t always get what you want/you can’t always get what you  want/but you might find/you get what you need”

I was seeing a guy for a while, someone who treated me well and was fun to be around and made me pretty darn happy. He seemed pretty happy to spend time with me too, until one day he needed space. These things happen from time to time and there’s nothing to say we won’t someday spend time together again. Either way I’m happy I met him, cool people like that are hard to find.

I’m alright with it now but at the time… I was pretty upset (predictably so). Worried about him, and frustrated that it seemed that my time, attention, and caring seemingly was not being appreciated…again.

Not too long after it was said that he needs space because he’s got a lot on his mind that he needs to work out (totally understandable, even if I’m not fond of the idea), I started having a rough go of it myself. I’ve talked about why recently, so I won’t belabor the point…long story short, grief is a funny thing, and not very nice to the whole concept of being emotionally/mentally in balance

At first, the thought was “well of course, just one thing after another. Lonely on two fronts. Isn’t that just great”

But then, this thought: As much as I love to give my time and energy to people who matter to me, if I leave no time for myself, I can’t take care of myself. I can’t process what I feel and adapt new ways of thinking about it if I have no time inside my own head. Between my best friends and the guy, I was spending more time out of my house than at home. This is fine when I’m at peace with myself, but would have been disastrous for my health and for my relationships (friendships and otherwise) when the grief pain rose up.

So, though it was not initially by my own choice, I’m glad I’ve had this space and time to think, to grow and (most importantly) to heal.

A blessing in disguise

I’ll have to thank him, one of these days

So, my lovely readers, what blessings have you had that were disguised as something not so nice at first? Did you learn more from those hidden blessings than from the obvious ones?


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