Orange Cinnamon Spice


Tea of the Day:  Orange Cinnamon Spice by Twinings

Description: A warm and inviting herbal tea expertly blended with rooibos, savory cinnamon and the refreshing flavor of orange to deliver a soothing tea with a tangy aroma and a spiced citrus taste.

Smells sweetly of oranges with a cinnamon finish .

Dark orange in the cup

When steeped, smells and tastes like oranges, though there is a cinnamon aftertaste

Tea Rating: 3/5

I realized recently that I have a type

As in a particular kind of person I am attracted to.

Now, this is not really a news flash kind of thing, as everyone does, right?

Well…I have often said that how a guy looks doesn’t matter, because the things I want in a guy aren’t physical anyway.

I still hold by that thought, for sure.

There are, however, certain traits that are more likely to make me notice a guy.

Tall, broad-shouldered…doesn’t have to be in super fit shape but I definitely tend to notice guys who look like they could just pick me up and move me if need be. Something about being stubborn and being a natural care-giver makes me enjoy the feeling of being small and/or taken care of, and tall, broad guys visually give that.

And right behind that combination is the smile. If we make eye contact and smile, and that smile is genuine (reaches his eyes and all that) oh hello thumping heart.

What I find most interesting about this type thing is that when it comes to the kind of women I’m attracted to the only consistent thing I’ve noticed is that longer hair (particularly when it’s well cared for) makes me look twice.

So as far as my “types” go, I am not horribly picky and even less so when we’re talking about attractive women.

This is all purely in a physical sense, of course. Personality traits that I find attractive are much harder to pin down so specifically.

What about you? Do you have a physical type? Is it more specific than mine, or less?


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