Ginger Tea


Tea of the day: Ginger tea by Yogi

Description: In our ginger tea, we add a unique blend of herbs and spices to ginger root to compliment ginger’s unique flavor, and to emphasize ginger’s rejuvenating, soothing, and invigorating qualities.

Smells sweet and sharp, tickles my nose

Liquor is yellow gold in the cup

Smells of ginger, pepper, and lemongrass

Brassy flavor with a peppery aftertaste. Actually pretty tasty (surprising for a more medcinal tea, at least to me) and somewhat refreshing

Tea Rating: 3/5

My job requires me to do a certain number of hours of training per year, as well as specific courses to be taken yearly or every other year

One of these is a suicide prevention and awareness class, which I took today

Part of the class is an overview of the most common mental illnesses that lead to suicide–the number one and two being depression and bipolar disorder. This is not news to me, as it makes a certain kind of sense. But then, as we moved on to a discussion of schizophrenia, I had a thought:

Opertating on the assumption that there are things out there that we cannot always see but still interact with—the metaphysical world that I’ve talked about before, how many people are diagnosed schizophrenics but actually seeing things that do, in fact, exist?

I am not saying that mental illnesses do not exist or anything like that. Some people truly are ill, chemically imbalanced in the brain. What I am saying though is that I wonder how much of our reality is actually the same for everyone. It is known that some people can see more colors than others, or hear better, or have better noses, etc…why are we often reluctant to extend that same understanding into metaphysics as well?

We know that our brains trick us all the time; there are books written about the way we edit our lives into a narrative that makes sense even if it did not happen that way, or that we edit out things that don’t fit. Take for example our noses: they are right in the middle of our field of vision, yet we do not see them unless we try very hard

Personally, I think we have such a hard time with the idea that there are spirits (or angels or demons or whatever your chosen mythos is ) that not everyone is able to see or hear because we don’t understand how this could be possible. We react with fear if we don’t understand…and often seek to control the source of our fears as well.

And what better way to control someone than to lock them away in an institution or medicate them to the point that they are “normal”?

“I read the tea leaves
as if they were words
left over from a conversation
between two cups.”
Kenny Knight, The Honicknowle Book of the Dead

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