Grape Wulong Oolgong


Tea of the Day: Grape Wulong Oolong by Teavana

Description: Certain to inspire your imagination, bright blueberry gets a subtle hint grape forward burst of flavor in this vibrant oolong

Dry tea smells like grape soda; very grape, very sweet.

Smells much the same when steeped.

Light chestnut brown in the cup

Tastes like sweet grapes. Probably would be absolutely amazing iced

Tea Rating: 4/5

I often say ” I don’t feel like writing today”.

And then I’ll sit down at my computer and open the blog page anyway and out the words will come.

Or I’ll need to move my journal somewhere else and find myself opening it as soon as I pick it up.

I’d say it’s an illness…but I realize this writing thing is a part of me. It has almost taken on a life of it’s own and I’m it’s willing vessel.

In thinking about this, I am reminded of a poem I wrote a few years back

A Reason not to write 
I was looking for inspiration
a day or two ago.
I found instead,
a reason
to writeIt was a paperback novel
with a Crucifix
placed like a bookmark
in the center

I slipped the silver symbol
over my head
and it slid down to hang,
cool and heavy,
between my breasts
just as it did that summer

It was hot then,
all those years ago
so hot that dressing
was suffocating torture
and movement
was just
too much

to ask

I’d complain that it was too damn hot
as my finger stuck to the pages
of the paperback novel
that I had decided to conquer
during the slow days

You’d correct me,
saying it wasn’t the heat,
but the humidity,
and smile as you plucked the novel
from my hands

make me forget that I’d ever
been doing anything
but be overwhelmed
by the pleasure brought on by
the things you’d do
with lips and tongue,
teeth and fingertips.When you were done,
lying next to me
as I lay twitching
but immobile
in the afterglow,
you’d play with
the only thing I wore:
my grandmother’s Crucifix

I was looking for inspiration,
but instead.

I found your memory
and a reason
to write

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