Jasmine Pearl


Tea of the Day: Jasmine Pearl by Sipping Streams

Description: The tightly rolled pearls of this tea unroll when steeped to make a tea with pronounced floral and fresh green tea scent, a full-bodied and refreshing sweet taste and a pleasing, long lasting floral aftertaste.

Dry has a very subtle sweet/floral scent

Liquor is honey gold in the cup. Light, sweet and flowery. A very tranquil relaxing tea and a great way to refresh and recharge any time of day

Tea Rating: 5/5

Relaxing day, just cleaning house and putting up Christmas decorations, then happy conversations and tea,

Days like this, so calm and slow, really recharge my batteries, so to speak and I predict that I’ll sleep deeply tonight.

An exercise in self esteem.. Ten things I like about me that I would be envious of if I saw it in someone else











” Tea had come as a deliverer to a land that called for deliverance; a land of beef and ale, of heavy eating and abundant drunkenness; of grey skies and harsh winds; of strong-nerved, stout purposed, slow-thinking men and women. Above all, a land of sheltered homes and warm firesides—firesides that were waiting–waiting, for the bubbling kettle and the fragrant breath of tea”—Alice Ripper, To Think of Tea


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