Black Dragon Pearls


Tea of The Day: Black Dragon Pearls by Teavana

Description: These famed pearls carry sweet undertones of chocolate, creating exquisitely smooth body in each cup

Dry, has a very subtle sweet smell because it is tightly rolled

Clear pale gold in the cup. Once steeped, has a smokey smell and flavor not apparent in the dry tea. Subtle chocolaty flavor. Adding sweetener brings out the smoothness and light sweetness.

Tea Rating: 5/5

It’s been an interesting couple of days

My Thanksgiving was good, but also hard. First year where I called home and my grandmother was not there.

This missing people thing, it’s hard, and in ways you don’t expect.

And then the next day I had confirmation that the guy I’d been seeing needs more time and space than I’d hoped.

This was cause to call home and talk to my dad, because frustrated!

Doing so turned out to be the best possible thing I could have done. I was able to get a fresh look at what happened, and what I could have changed (which was, amazingly, nothing), and a better understanding of what to do next. In this case, what do to next is really nothing. Or at least nothing related to the situation. I’ll simply go about my business and keep on being me, because me is pretty great and I’ve too much going for me to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting for a change that may never come around. I’ll be the change I want to see, every step, every breath

Another great thing about talking to my father is that it really cemented in my neurotic brain that I’m not alone in this world with my awkward and cute and conflicted but going for it anyway…and my parents found each other so there’s hope for me yet. There’s always hope. And always room to grow.

Now today, it’s my birthday.

I’m older, probably no wiser, but at least willing to admit that there is much I don’t know. Life is beautiful and I’m so grateful to be where I am with the friends that I have that it’s almost like a daydream sometimes. My life may not be what I expected it would be at this age but I can’t say I’d have it any other way.


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