Citrus Lavender Sage


Tea of the Day: Citrus Lavender Sage by Teavana

Description: Citrusy orange, sweet pineapple, and delicious apples compliment a soften to smooth perfection with lavender sage, and sea buckthorn

Smells sweet and tangy, almost sultry

Liquor is pale yellow-gold in the cup.

Sage smell really comes out once steeped. Need no sugar. Sweet floral flavor, but with a mouth-filling bite. I really enjoy the sweet kickiness of this tea

Tea Rating: 5/5

Just another short post today.

A moment of gratitude.

I don’t know how all of you who follow me found me.

You each have different blogs, different lives different stories to tell.

But each of you has found something you like in my love of tea or in the thoughts I have to share

I don’t know about you, but I find that absolutely amazing.

“Thank you” seems inadequate, but I am not sure what other words to use.

Thank you all for reading along

May you all have a safe and happy holiday

“The flavor of Zen and the flavor of tea is the same” —Japanese Proverb  


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