Chai Green


Tea of the day: Chai Green by Stash Tea

Description: Our green chai is a full-flavored blend of green tea and sweet spice.

Smells sweet, grassy, and very cinnamony

Liquor is honey gold in the cup

Sweet and spicy, but subtle. Calming, easy to drink

Tea rating: 3.5/5

Today I wore muted colors, black and grey. No extra jewelry, no makeup.

This is not a big deal…but this is the first time I’ve worn black in a couple of months. Most days I reach for bright colors and smile at myself in the mirror as I get ready.

Not so much today. Today my positive spirit was dampened by internal clouds.

It’ll get better, it always does.

And tonight, it’s supposed to snow. Clean slate the world and balm to my soul

“Tea is the elixir of life.”
Eisai, Kissa Yojoki How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea


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