Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate


Tea of the day : Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate by Teavana

Description: A riot of fruit flavors: bright fruity raspberry meets zesty, zingy lemon, creating an unforgettable twist on lemonade. The fruit flavors, are complemented by high-grade mate, red and golden delicious apple slices and peppy lemon zest.

Smells sweet and tangy and just a bit sharp. Nice citrus kick with a slight grassy feel

Dark pink in the cup. Smells less sweet and more tart when steeped. Sipping the tea, first flavor is citrus and lemongrass and then the berry flavor fills the mouth.

Tea Rating: 4/5

Continuation of the previous post on being direct..

It’s good to be direct to other people, because straightforwardness is a rare thing and ends up being valued and appreciated.

However, upon further examination of things I came to realize this: it’s difficult to be direct with others if you’re not being direct with yourself

Basically, if you don’t know what you need, or are unwilling to communicate that to others then you are automatically less genuine than you might otherwise be

Plus, it’s hard to know what questions should be asked or things should be said if you’re unaware of your own feelings about the people in your life.

This is something that seems obvious and simple but in reality it is frighteningly easy to hide from oneself.

Or at least it has been for me

“Tea was more than boiling water. There were decisions to be made and a frame of mind to develop, no matter how imperceptible.”
L.L. Barkat, The Novelist


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