Rooibos Chai


Tea of the day: Rooibos Chai by Teavana

Description: Spicy cinnamon, cardamon husks, piquant ginger and lightly citrusy lemongrass brew to a blissful honey-amber infusion

Has a very sweet smell to it, as thought there is honey in it to begin with. Blends very nicely with the snap of cinnamon and sugar.

Dark red-amber in the cup. Smells cinnamony and like honey, very soothing. Smooth and cinnamony in flavor as well, although one sweetened, the cardamon comes out, as well as a hint of ginger. Gets more flavorful as it sits, even after the leaves are removed

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Short post today, just a minor “ah-ha!” moment happened for me.

Today, in spite of the gut-wrenching nervousness that came with it, I decided to be very direct. Someone I care about (but don’t know super well as yet) was acting in a way that I didn’t understand. Instead of over-thinking and speculating on it, I just flat out asked if I needed to change my behavior.

This was gut-wrenching because there have been times where being direct has been an issue. Or at least, caused one.

It was refreshing, to say the least, to simply get an answer that made some kind of sense.


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