White Tea


Tea of the day: White Tea by Trader Joe

Description: This delicate and rare tea was at one time a privilege of royalty in China. Only the softest new buds are used to make this very special tea–this results in a pale yellowish brew which will comfort and sooth you

Smells just very slightly sweet before steeping

Light pinkish amber in the cup. Lightly sweet, subtle. Not crazy with flavor, but definitely relaxing

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today I want to talk about two more animal totems that I find to be interesting and relevant to my life: the Owl and the Wolf

The Owl represents the mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, and vision in the night. They have also represented transitions in life, based on their original mythos of being the announcer of death. Their time of power is nighttime, all year ’round.

Each species of owl represents slightly different characteristics, so I’ll talk about general aspects of people with the owl totem, and the specifics of the snowy owl, as it’s my personal favorite owl.

Owls have long represented wisdom and mystery. People with the Owl as their totem are able to see and hear what other people try to hide, hearing what is not being said, seeing the things kept in the shadows. It is often said that their penetrating stare can see straight into a person’s soul and this can be very intimidating. It is important for people with the Owl as their totem to trust their instincts about people or what they “see”, even if there is no other evidence to back this up because they are often not wrong. Owl people also often develop clairaudience and clairvoyance

Snowy owls in specific are particularly patient. They also have excellent instincts in terms of when the best time is to make a move in their lives. People who are Snowy Owls, in spite of their great ability and strength, do not overtly announce their presence in a new area, but simply move in and go about their own business. They accomplish tasks through timing and skill, rather than intimidation, and understand that true strength is gentle.

The next totem I find very interesting is the Wolf

The Wolf represents guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. Their time of power is year ’round, the full moons and twilight

People of the Wolf totem are very expressive and find communication to be very important to them. They use ritual to establish order and harmony within their lives and understand that true freedom requires discipline. People with the wolf totem tend to be very connected to the spiritual world, often seeing things that others may miss. They will make quick and strong emotional attachments based on the things they perceive and are very loyal to their friends and family. They also seek to teach those who are lost or otherwise in need of guidance, and though that guidance is not always gentle, it is always done with a spirit of great love.


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