Rain-forest Tea


Tea of the Day: Rain-forest Tea by the Republic of Tea

Description: Lush infusion of allspice, vanilla and herbs and spices from South America, Africa and Asia

Smells woody, almost musky, deeply rich and subtly sweet

Clear amber in the cup. Smells much the same steeped as dry; sweet and earthy

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

Continuing the discussion of totem animals/ spirit animals, today I’m going to talk about the totem animal of myself and someone who has become very important to me

I myself identify most with the Leopard.

In terms of metaphysics, there are two Leopard aspects that are most common: the Snow Leopard and the Panther

Snow Leopard best represents instinct, intuition, innate potential, and sexuality. Their time of power is dusk and dawn

Panther best represents inner knowing, coming into the world with the lights already switched on, in the sense of things beyond what we can see. People with the panther as their totem often develop claireaudience. They also know to trust their inner visions and are very touch sensitive. Their time of power is the dark of the moon and winter

Taken as a whole, the Leopard is a symbol of Rebirth. Those with the Leopard totem are patient and persistent in attaining their goals. They plan for everything and can change plans on a whim if need be. They naturally respect others and have a great self respect. Self confident and wise, they are courageous against adversity. They often have a large store of personal power and understand the use of intention to guide their lives. They are able to align the energy that surrounds them into a constant and stable balance

The next totem I’m going to talk about today is the Bear

The Bear as a totem represents awakening the power of the unconscious. Their time of power is spring and summer.

The Bear has great patience in manifesting her or her ideas and projects. People with the Bear as their totem are willing to wait for just the right moment to spring their ideas upon the universe. They are also very discerning and discriminating of the relationships in their lives and will not spend time on those they determine to be toxic to them. They are confident in who they are and where they are going in life. They also understand the importance of taking time away from others to rest and recharge (much akin to the sleep/wake cycles of bears during the winter months). They are naturally nurturing and protective of children. Because of their qualities of self confidence and clear vision (among other things) people of the Bear totem are often looked upon as authority figures.

These are the two animal totems that I have recently found most relevant, although I am doing research into a few others that interest me


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