Crepe Faire


Tea of the Day: Crepe Faire by Stash Tea

Description: Exciting combination of clean, cool spearmint and spicy cinnamon

Smells minty and sweet, with cinnamon and honey smells coming out most clearly.

Honey yellow in the cup. Tastes just like it smells and so needs very little sugar. Has a bit more of a peppermint flavor than what I would expect from the smell.

Tea Rating: 4/5

My thoughts have wandered time and again to what things mean, not just on the surface, but underneath. Like an iceberg in frozen waters, there is more to this world than meets the eye. This feeling of wondering happens off and on for me, but lately it has been very much “on”

Today I want to talk about the possibility that there are deeper meanings to the jewelry that we wear (aside from the obvious items like a wedding ring or a gift from a loved one). For examples, I’ll go into some of the possible metaphysical meanings behind the things I tend to be attracted to: Silver and copper for metals and amethyst, amber, pearl, tanzantite and topaz for the “jewel” part of jewelry.

Silver is often associated with the moon, so can be worn to encourage receptivity, reaction and reflection. It is also said to reflect negative energy. That, coupled with the legend that vampires and werewolves are vulnerable to silver, leads to the idea that silver is good to wear for protection

Copper is known to be a good conductor of energy, which applies to metaphysical energy as well as electricity. It also works with the flow of projective and receptive energy, amplifying it. It also has balancing and connecting properties, making the flow of energy between mind, body and spirit smoother and stronger. It has long been known as a healing metal.

Amber is seen as a stone of warmth, old energy, and wisdom of the ages. It is also used to help balance emotions, clear the mind, and promote healing as well as attracting good luck

Amethyst is a stone of protection, coming from Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and is believed to specifically protect one from poison. It has been used as both protection from witchcraft as well as protection from self-deception and promotes wisdom, particularly of the spiritual variety. Has also been used for protection while traveling

Pearl is the symbol of a pure heart, and has a calming presence of innocence. It can promote faith and charity and help balance emotions. Also said to bring foresight and protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Tanzanite is said to be very helpful when undertaking spiritual journeys. It raises compassion and brings on a peaceful understanding of your own heart. It can also calm an overactive mind, and raise your awareness during times of meditation

Topaz promotes wisdom, honesty and awakens the part in ourselves that wants to actually achieve our dreams. As such, it can help direct our energizes to the place or places where it is most needed. It heals, energizes, and promotes truth and forgiveness

All in all, looking at the kinds of jewelry I am most often attracted to and wear continuously, it seems that protection, healing, and understanding for myself and others as well as knowing the truth and living honestly are things I find important and wish to promote in my life.

Pretty accurate, I’d say.

Have you ever looked into the meaning behind the jewelry you wear?

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