Echinacea plus


Some notes:

When I started this blog, I had intended to skip the medicinal teas that I have, since they’re not typically something one drinks for pleasure.

However, around this time last month I was not feeling the best so I drank so echinacea tea to help kick up my immune system and decided that I would describe and rate it, after all.

It is also worth noting here that I am at least a couple weeks ahead in my personal journal in terms of tea that I have rated so that if I happen to have a day or two where I am not in the mood to try a new tea or am not home much, I can still have something to blog about for you lovely people.

Tea of the day: Echinacea Plus by Traditional Medicinals

Description: Mildly mint with a twist of citrus. You may notice echinacea’s characteristic tongue-tingling effect, a sign of very high quality. Echinacea has been use for hundreds of years to support a healthy immune system response

When dry, smells sweet and citrusey, with a tingly sharpness

Steeped, smells like citrus and licorice. Liquor is yellow-gold in the cup. Very subtle flavors, slightly bitter aftertaste. It’s not horrible, but it is not exactly something I would drink just to drink

Tea Rating: 2/5

Today, since the tea of the day was one of the medicinal teas I swear by, I thought I’d talk a little about herbal medicine or “Traditional medicinals” as many call it.

Some people swear by it, others protest that there is no scientific  proof to back up the idea that these things work.

I think I’m somewhere in the middle, myself. If I can try a tea that is supposed to sooth my throat or clear my sinuses or give my immune system a little extra support rather then spend hours in urgent care or dosing up on over the counter medicine that tastes terrible and often leaves me feeling disconnected from the world, I will.

I’ll go to the doctor when I need to. But I am so rarely sick enough for that, and for sore throats without strep, there isn’t really much a doctor can do anyway.

I also happen to think that a lot of the effect of herbal tisanes (not technically tea since they don’t contain any part of the tea plant) is the mental/emotional soothing effect that simply making yourself some tea has. And if it does a fraction of what it claims to do otherwise, great!

Making and drinking tea is a certain slowing down of the day, a certain amount of calm and ritual and we as people seem to respond really well to that.


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