Mango Passionfruit


Tea of the day: Mango passionfruit herbal tea by Stash Tea

Description: We combined rosehip, orange peel, hibiscus and lemongrass with mango and passionfruit. Sweetened with licorice powder, the result is a colorful and aromatic blend with a distinct flavor of fresh mango and passionfruit.

Smells like summer sunshine: sweet and warm, like relaxing on the lawn with a glass of sweet iced tea

Once steeped, smells like straight up mango, with a hint of other sweetness. Still makes me think of summer, a nice change in the cold months

Liquor is bright orange

Sweet and flavorful, very smooth

Tea Rating: 5/5

In keeping with the thoughts from yesterday, a poem of mine:


bad luck never bothered her
she invited it,
much to the consternation
of the neighborhoodshe swept the spilled salt
off the table
without a thought
to which shoulder it should be tossed over
and blew out the incense stick
instead of fanning away the bad vibes.she crossed the black cat’s path
even when it went under a ladder,
stepping on cracks along the way
and never bothered to knock on wood
when saying “that won’t happen”

she broke a mirror, once,
and simply calmly picked up the pieces,
then threw them away,
not a second wasted on a ritual burying
of the jagged pieces

bad luck never bothered her,
never darkened her doorway,
though time and time again
she invited inside

there is something to be said
for defying superstition


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